Beatriz is a singer-songwriter and producer based in Lisbon and originally from the Azores. Passionate about music for as long as she can remember, Beatriz released her first single in 2021 and has since been on a journey to discover herself musically. 

Despite being new in the music scene, Beatriz has great aspirations for her music career. She is continuously working on her craft, with 8 singles released to date in all streaming platforms. Fuelled by her passion, she's learned to wear as many hats as needed - singer, songwriter, producer, sound engineer - to be able to express herself.

Beatriz finds it difficult to describe what kind of music she does exactly, as she's not bound to any particular style, and prefers to let the listener decide. She had her debut performance at Sofar Sounds, a global community that hosts intimate concerts around the world, and recently had the opportunity to showcase her music during her own FNAC sessions tour in Lisbon. 

Beatriz is currently working on her first EP and is actively looking for opportunities to perform her music live. 


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